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Blackwell Estates endeavors to acquire and rehab properties in order to provide affordable housing without having to scale back on looks or quality--not only for those who normally may not be able to afford it, but also for those who can. It is in this approach that extraordinary, can in fact be affordable.  Blackwell Estates also purchases ready-to-move-in properties, so that housing can be readily available for those who may need it.

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Our Growing Team

Terrell C. Blackwell - CEO

Blackwell Estates was first established and formed by Owner and Founder, Terrell C. Blackwell in 2019. Terrell holds a master’s degree in Sports Entertainment and Management. He loves working with people in many capacities, but caring about families and communities, has always been a desire of Terrell’s.  He has always communicated wanting to help build the families that make up a community, in some sort of way.  He always says, “If we are not helping to build the lives of others, what are we really doing?"  With this philosophy in the forefront of his thinking, Terrell set out to purchase his first piece of property.  He bought this property knowing, this indeed was the first of many.  His concept was to use this property as a “litmus test” to gain firsthand knowledge concerning all that was involved in rehabbing a property from beginning to completion.  He literally wanted to count the cost of rehabbing a property until it met his criteria for truly being “extraordinary living for ordinary people.” 

Teshania Blackwell 

Teshania Blackwell is the CEO and Founder of Teebwell Enterprises. She founded the company in 2005 with a goal to help others enjoy success in their personal and business goals. She developed Teebwell Enterprises to be a leader in marketing, branding, media solutions and event planning for corporate conferences, symposiums and training seminars of various organizations and individuals.  She has over 20 years of supervisory expertise which allows her to help customers/clients receive the highest quality of care. She has worked with countless organizations, ministries and individuals to help them reach their goals.  She also works with highly developed leadership of multi-functional teams designed to accomplish various goals on multiple projects with quality results. She has financial skillsets which allow her to work with for-profit and non-profit budget constraints. Teshania aka, “The Visionary, also works with individuals in the field of effective marketing coaching. It is her desire for each of her business, celebrity and/or high-profile clients maintain their influential power with eloquent and politically correct communication. Teshania holds a bachelor’s degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook.  She continues to grow and stretch herself to provide quality services to her clients.





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